Our launch party!!!

Not a big blog to start off the postings but a very poignant one for us here at Roam Brewing Company. 

On Jan 19th 2018 we launched our brewery Roam Brewing Company and we were 'appy. Here's why... 

For the previous two and a half years we had been trading under the inherited name 'TAVY ALES' after buying an operational brewery back in 2012. Our passion and enthusiasm saw us investing in the business and with careful tippy-toes so as not to disrupt any current relationships we continued the 'normal' running of the brewery as-was. 

After a bit of time under the belt and a more confident approach we began to change things up. We are different people to the guys that started the brewery and have different ideas and areas of focus and importance - our beers and visual engagement needed to start showing this. 

We started off our development in our most important area of interest - our beers. Jon; our head brewer, head delivery man, head cleaner, head director, head dude of it all really, started making some really great beers and awards started to be won. Get on Jon. But the freedom of really experimenting wasn't easy. TAVY ALES was very much set up for cask only beers and our branding didn't leave much to play with as it was very traditionally placed within the market. 

Our approach to re-branding was basic - we wanted our brand to reflect us. Coming from Plymouth it felt pretty important to get someone creative from within the city to help us. We called on Allie Couch, a new graduate from Plymouth College of Art who created for us a platform and vision that we could get completely behind.  

Our launch party was fab - held at Plymouths only craft beer bottle shop and bar Vessel. A true place of pilgrimage if your into your craft beers - these guys know and LOVE their beer. 

Here's a couple of photos of the event. It was a goodie. 

Vicky Clargo