Keeping it local

We love Plymouth. Having moved away and come back home we have been fortunate enough to re-discover all of the things that passed us by as kids…(damn kids).

The city is a great place to live but needs growth and development to sustain its future, much like anywhere else. Only prob is we're at the end of the line. Links to other cities, airports and industry are mammoth with journeys usually full of delays and replacement bus services.

Sweet right? Right.

You can have a positive spin on this type of location isolation. Work with one-another. Help out one another. Develop together. (Cheesily written, but oh-so-true). That's why we were so excited when, at the start of the summer, Plymouth Drake Foundation came to us and asked us to collaborate with them on a beer to support their cause and in celebration of their 10 year anniversary.

Plymouths Drake Foundation work on “developing wealthy, healthy and lively communities in Plymouth”. They achieve this by providing grants to Plymouths voluntary and community sector by funding charities, community groups and social enterprises.. They are the grassroot support for do-gooders and social change. They are an awesome group of people and to date they have given out over £650,000 worth of grants to 230 different community groups in Plymouth.

We developed an easy drinking pale ale, dry-hopped with beautiful Mosaic hops, as we wanted this one to be a real crowd pleaser. This beer was launched at the marvelous Plymouth Stonehouse booser: The Lord High Admiral, and named ‘Drakes Pale’ with iconic Sir Francis standing proud on the clip.

Every pint sold of this beer raises 10p to Plymouth Drake Foundation. This will enable them to continue supporting local people and great causes in Plymouth.

Keep up the absolutely fantastic work guys - great to work with you.

For more information on Plymouth Drake Foundation head to their website and check them out:

Vicky Clargo